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CBeam 2.0 is a windows application that calculates section properties for composite beams. CBeam is a time saving and helpful tool to virtually any engineer, and it is an excellent compliment to any design or analysis software. With CBeam, a composite beam section can be created and edited graphically using any combination of rectangle, triangle or I-beam shapes. Each shape can have it’s own material properties such as weight and modulus of elasticity, and it can either be composite or non-composite to the beam. CBeam calculates; area, weight per unit length, moment of inertia, location of the neutral axis, and section modulus. CBeam has an interactive help file which serves as program documentation. All information, including graphics, can be printed. Technical Support is available at this website or by e-mail.


CBeam 2.0 is sold exclusively over the internet.

Pricing and Specifications for Cbeam 2.0 is as follows:
Cost for a single user license is $99.00

Cost for a site license is $299.00

(A site license gives the purchaser the right to place and use CBeam 2.0 on multiple machines within their organization at a specific address.)

CBeam 2.0 is developed by Juntunen Bridge Systems, Lansing, Michigan.

Copyright 2011 by Juntunen Bridge Systems.

RELEASE DATE - April, 2011.

OPERATING SYSTEM MS Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS 400 KB free memory for running CBeam

Juntunen Bridge Systems
6028 Bradford Lane
Lansing MI 48917
Phone: (517) 512-3120
E-mail address: dave@bridgeapp.net