Bridge Management

JBS offers bridge management consulting services to bridge owners of all sizes. Recent federal legislation requires State Department of Transportations to develop Transportation Asset Management Plans (TAMPS) and have a Bridge Management System (BMS) in place to most cost effectively manage their network of bridges. Bridge owners inspect their bridges routinely and collect condition information using the National Bridge Inventory (NBI) and element level data. JBS offers tools and services that help bridge owners meet the expectations of state and national requirements and develop strategic plans to best preserve and improve their bridges. Some of these serves include the following:  
  • Evaluation of an agencies bridge inventory either using bridge owner data or the National Bridge Inventory (NBI).
  • Deterioration modeling of bridge elements, components, and bridges.
  • Create and analyze agency bridge performance measures.
  • Cost/benefit analysis for agency strategies
  • Risk assessment for agency bridge structures.
  • Compare life-cycle cost for alternative management strategies.
  • Work with agencies to develop prioritization and optimization strategies for their network of bridges.
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