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About BAP 3.4 (Beam Analysis Program, Version 3.4) 

BAP 3.4 (Beam Analysis Program, Version 3.4). BAP is a continuous beam analysis program that solves for reactions, shear, moment, top of beam stress, bottom of beam stress, deflection, and rotation at points along the length of the beam.

BAP Version 3.4 offers the following enhancements:

  • A Section List allows standard sections to be saved for quick and accurate input in the sections tab. The section list includes section description, moment of inertia, CTop, CBot and section weight. The section list is automatically saved for use in new projects. In the Input Window's Section's tab, when the section description is selected, a drop down list shows all of the available sections included in the sections list. When a section is chosen from the list, it populates the Moment of Inertia, CTop, CBot, and Section Weight fields.
  • CTop and CBot are added to the Sections tab. CTop is the distance from the section's neutral axis to the extreme fiber in bending at the top of the beam. CBot is the distance from the section's neutral axis to the extreme fiber in bending at the bottom of the beam.
  • If values are provided for CTop and CBot, BAP calculates the stress at the top of beam and bottom of beam at the selected increments. These values are shown in the Results window, moment tab, the printer output, and the Excel export file.
  • In the Results Window, Shear, Moment, Deflection, and Rotaion tabs, you can now enter a distance along the beam and the corresponding values will be calculated at that point.
  • In the Results Window, Shear, Moment, Deflection, and Rotation tabs, the local maximum and minimum values are highlighted yellow for moment, stress at top of beam, and stress at bottom of beam.
  • The Reults Window has a new menu item called "Allowable Stress," which provides the option of showing a red "Allowable Stress" line in the "Stress at Top of Beam" and "Stress at Bottom of Beam" diagrams for allowable tension stress and compressive stress.

These enhancements are added to early version of BAP functionality including the following:

  • MOVING LOAD GENERATOR. BAP solves for a series of truck loads. Up to 30 different trucks can be run over the beam. BAP will solve for lower bound and upper bound values for reactions, shear, moment, deflection, and rotation, and tell which truck produces the controlling value. The truck series can be saved for use in future problems. 
  • A new matrix solver for faster and improved performance.
  • Results can be saved in a coma-delineated file, which can be called into a spread sheet program such as Microsoft Excel.
  • Loading can be entered in pounds or kips, Newtons or Kilonewtons.
  • The beam can have changes in cross section along its length as well as internal hinges.
  • Point loads and distributed loads can be applied to the beam.
  • Input is in the easy-to-use Windows environment.
  • The beam's profile with applied loads is shown to aid input verification.
BAP has an interactive help file which serves as program documentation. All information, including graphics, can be previewed and printed. Technical Support is available by e-mail and at this web site.
The beam diagram shown directly above is an example of the capabilities of BAP 3.3. The continuous beam has three spans and a variable cross section. The point loads shown above the beam represent truck wheel loads which can be moved across the beam in increments to produce the "Moment Envelope" shown at the top of this page. Your invited to take a Tour of BAP 3.3 (Click Here).

You can download BAP3.4 from this website. Go to the Download BAP3.4 Page
BAP 3.4 is sold exclusively over the internet.
Pricing and Specifications for BAP3.4 are as follows:
Cost for a single user license is $300.00
Cost for a site license is $850.00
(A site license gives the purchaser the right to place and use BAP 3.4 on multiple machines within thier organization at a specific address.)

BAP 3.4 is developed by Juntunen Bridge Systems, Lansing, Michigan.
Copyright 2013 by Juntunen Bridge Systems.
Release Date: March, 2008
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7
System requirements: 800 KB free memory for running BAP 3.4.

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