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BAP 3.4

About Juntunen Bridge Systems

Juntunen Bridge Systems (JBS) is a software developing company located in Lansing Michigan, USA. At JBS, our mission is to develop quality software specializing in bridge design, analysis, and structural engineering applications.

The founder of JBS is David A. Juntunen, a registered professional engineer in the State of Michigan. Dave is a practicing civil engineer experienced in bridge design, analysis of bridges and highway structures, structural research, and bridge management.

Custom Software Development

JBS offers customized software development in Visual Studio 2015, Visual Basic 6 and Microsoft Excell with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).
  • Do you have out-dated engineering programs? JBS can rewrite the code in the latest language, while likely making the software easier to use.
  • Do you have Fortran programs or Visual Basic 6 or earlier versions that you want to update to VB.net? JBS can convert the code to Visual Basic 2015 and add Microsoft's latest funtionality.
  • Do you have engineering calculations that are repeated over and over? JBS can provide a user friendly, checked and secure Microsoft Excell spreadsheet to make your design and analysis more efficient.
Whereas most programmers today are programming applications for e-commerce and data base development, JBS specializes in engineering calculations. Our programs are intuitive to engineers, because they are developed by engineers. Tables, Charts, and drawings are used extensively to ensure correct user input and for interpretation of results.
Call JBS for a free consultation. We will work with you do to determine which software platform is best suited for you project.
Juntunen Bridge Systems
6028 Bradford Lane
Lansing MI 48917
Phone: (517) 512-3120
E-mail address: dave@bridgeapp.net